Finding the way forward can feel like climbing endless stairs. But it doesn't have to.

Penrose Studio works hand in hand with executives and their leadership teams who value having a confidant and trusted thinking partner.

As we look at the Penrose Stairs - also known as "the impossible staircase" - we soon realize that its apparent complexity can be solved by carefully examining it from different angles. Inspired by this concept, I aim to be a trusted partner to my clients and help them identify innovative solutions to the challenges they face. I achieve that through coaching, mentoring and advisory services.

Coaching focus

Luisella has wide experience in navigating organisational complexity, career development guidance, team management/leadership and operating successfully in a fast-paced environment. With experience of working in multiple languages, she understands the challenges for those operating in an international environment, whose first language is not English, and how to overcome them.

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"What I loved most from Luisella's coaching is her care of you as a person, your priorities, ambitions and career goals."

Coachee, 2019-2021

About Luisella Mazza

With degrees in Foreign Languages (University of Bologna) and Intelligent Systems (Technological University Dublin), Luisella has been working in technology for the last twenty years - including the last seventeen at Google. Her work has specialised in the intersection of technology and culture, information quality, and more recently, Open Source programs.

She is a certified Organisational Coach (L2) with IECL - Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership. Italian by birth, she has lived in Barcelona, in Dublin, for the last ten years in London, and she maintains a keen interest in global culture and arts.

Luisella can be contacted at and is happy to offer a free introductory call to explore how to best work together.

Featured in

"Luisella has an incredible skill for helping me to zoom-out and provide perspective by asking some tough questions about what it is I truly want."

Coachee, 2020-2021

More feedback from Coachees

"Luisella's thoughtful questions and guidance help me gain clarity on the next steps I need to take and I leave each session feeling inspired."

"Because of her, I feel less lost and more sure of how to advocate for myself and what direction to take."

"I reflect on her questions often and even share them with other friends and colleagues who are similarly navigating their uncertain careers."

" As a mentee, it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds and think in only one track; Luisella has helped me confront the more important questions and options that lie ahead. "

“All I knew was what I wasn’t, and it took me some years to discover what I was.”

Joan Didion, Why I write

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